Friday, 19 June 2015

Mr Dear Leader, don't try to intrude our private cyber space

Recently one popular leader has launched an Android app to connect to people and I have observed that it asks you permissions to read Wifi connection information, Device ID and call information. If you accept it then you are legally allowing that Leader to use your private information.
Screenshot of mobile screen
before beginning of installation

Everytime you install some android app usually it asks you to accept certain conditions like you are allowing them to use your camera, your GPS location, your call log etc. Once you accept these conditions you are legally allowing someone to use your private data which can be sometimes sensitive. This data can be used to snoop on you. They can even read your Whatsapp conversations if you accept such conditions before installing an app. So, remember to be sure of things before proceeding with app and be double sure in case it comes from a government related person who does have alleged record of ordering snooping on a woman in Bangalore, if you know what I mean ;-)

One more thing, I would like to add at the end. It is an offence, if some govt related person is snooping on you or trying to intrude your private space. It is in violation of the fundamental right to privacy as Article 21 of the Indian Constitution which contains a guarantee of personal liberty and it is obvious that personal liberty also involves the right to privacy.

Let's also look at the latest judgement of Supreme Court of India in which it upheld Right to Privacy. In Ram Jethmalani vs Union of India, 2011 delivered by Justices P. Sathasivam and H.L. Gokhale, it read-
Right to privacy is an integral part of right to life. This is a cherished constitutional value, and it is important that human beings be allowed domains of freedom that are free of public scrutiny unless they act in an unlawful manner…."

So, keep your eyes, ears open to snoopers at the top of the power ladder.


  1. Hi. Came here after stunning on your Twitter profile. Would like to know which app from the government you are talking about. Thanks :)

    1. Narendra Modi mobile app. I again went there to check it. Seems they have changed current access permissions list.