Thursday, 28 May 2015

Keeping your heroes alive via Twitter

Screenshot of @DrunkVinodMehta's Bio

When I started using Twitter for the first time in 2009, mostly what I saw there was some accounts which will share Movie quotes. Then came an era of political campaign over twitter. But amidst all this one interesting thing I noticed is that, there were accounts of Mahatma Gandhi, Nathuram Godse, Winston Churchill, BhagatSingh as well. These accounts are probably run by the people who admire them and often quote what their heroes said or written at one time in past.

These are the very early heroes but then I saw some accounts of living generational legends like the one of Vinod Mehta which goes by name @DrunkVinodMehta. Within a very shorter time this account got very popular among non BJP group. That account or as we call it handle claims to tweet in the same spirit as Vinod Mehta. In March we received a bad news about Mehta saab's demise but this account still is continuing in the same spirit, with same vigour putting forward views as if they were of Vinod Mehta's once. It makes us feel that Mehta is still alive and writing, speaking. A wonderful feeling it is.

Same can be said of some of other accounts of famous celebrities who are No more but these handles keep their spirit alive in this social media generation.  

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