Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Making separatists corrupt by awarding a role in government

I am writing this blog after the recent controversy about Musarrat Alam took place in the state of Jammu Kashmir. Mufti government which is in alliance with Hindu Nationalist BJP has ordered release of alleged separatist Alam. The Supreme Court had asked state govt why they kept Alam in jail without zero charges.

There is a common Indian conscience on the matter that, any separatist no matter how peaceful he/she is should be jailed and there shouldn’t be any talks held with him/her. BJP is being charged by many that they are playing an opportunist in this whole drama. This is because in the past since birth of RSS, JanSangh days these nationalist people have always opposed any concessions to Kashmiri Separatists, they are opposed to Article 370 which provides JK state with special powers cum status. But, it is known to all that in last decade BJP has softened its idealist stand on many of the core issues because they have realized that what they did in past was just a political compulsion. It's not just BJP but Nation has witnessed the dilution of hardline principle by Shivsena too over the topics of Hindutva, Secularism, Valentine’s Day, Women’s rights, Reservation to backward castes. This only proves that once you are in power you shed your extremist stand to make a wider appeal and it is obvious that no one will invest in your state if you can’t give a riot free, liberal environment.

The country should welcome BJP and PM Modi when they are diluting their earlier hard stand for the so called peace and development of Kashmir valley.

Now, let’s come back to question whether Musarrat Alam should have been released or not?
A common Indian opinion as I have pointed out in my article is against release of separatist. But, people in Delhi should not give commentary on JK is my personal opinion for they don’t know the ground realities of Kashmir. Mufti govt is an elected govt and not any dictatorship, so first of all calling Mufti a pro Pakistani CM is uncalled for.

Flag of Kashmir
How do you stop the insurgency? There can be many solutions to it but Punjab and Nagaland are some of the successful experiments by then Rajiv Gandhi government to stop insurgence and bring to mainstream the rebellions. Solution is bringing rebels into politics. Make them a member of government body. In the best case they will strive to make peace with centre and work for development of region, in worst case they will do the corruption and make some money which is not such a bad case when compared to insurgency. At last they will give up on earlier separatist stand.

Let’s repeat the examples of Nagaland & Punjab in Jammu and Kashmir too. Prime Minister Modi is heading in the right direction. Whether you like it or not but the Kashmir problem will soon be resolved and 2 decades later we would be wondering whether there was any problem at all.

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  1. On this issue of release of separatist leader Musarrat Alam your view appears to be a bit hazy. Firstly you have mixed up the peaceful and harmful separatists. He is alleged to have a leading role in massacres and destructions. If tire how he becomes peaceful? Even in the LS the PM Modi stated that he is one with opposition and others on this issue. Then there is the huge confusion as to whether the release was by Mufti or as per the decision of the Governor under the Central rule. Both the State & center should have ascertained the correct position and clarified to avoid unwanted speculations and discussions on this issue. Prime Minister Modi is just following his predecessors. The only difference is when the position of rulers and opposition changes the personalities change but the basic approach by the respective sides remain same.